Sort bearing surface?

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    Nov 2, 2003
    I did some searching on the site and could not come up with good info on this. If there's some there I missed, I apologize.

    This last group of 240's I sorted only for bearing surface length. There is definitely 2 major groups several thousandths difference apart in bearing surface length and then a much smaller group of a few random lengths that I use for foulers.

    I haven't had a chance to really test this yet, but for those of you that sort by bearing surface, what are your findings from these different groups of bullets with different bearing surface lengths?

    Velocity changes? Pressure sign changes? POI changes? Any specific long range 500yds+ or so changes noted with different bearing surface lengths? Inquiring mind wants to know what has been noted.

    Thank you!
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    From a bullet makers prospective I don't think a few thousands in bearing length will make much differance. But it could change the over all length of the bullet which would change your seating depth. Just curoius, how did you measure the bearing length to with in a few thousands. Bullets from large manufactures are made on several dies, not just one set and they ware. The die that controls this is the point form die and its the one die that seems to ware the most. Try to buy bullets all from the same lot and you should get more consistant bullets. If your only talking 3 or 4 thousands I really don't think it will matter much.
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