*SOLD* - Accuracy International AICS 2.0 - Long Action - 300 win mag - Black

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    May 2, 2012
    This stock is BRAND NEW!! I bought it from midway, but decided not to sell my custom .308 and build a custom LA on a surgeon action later...

    So, if you want it, get it ASAP. I thought I'd pass along this deal so you don't have to wait if you want one (its back-ordered everywhere). I can send it back to midway for a full refund, so if nobody inquires soon, I'll send it back. I figured if I had to pay shipping on it already, I might as well pass on the deal to a fellow member.

    AI 300 win mag.jpg

    Its an Accuracy International AICS 2.0 Folding Stock. It fits a Remington 700 or any action based off on the 700. Like I said, its brand new from the store, so if you get it, it'll save me (and you) some shipping.

    If you have questions or want to make an offer (I'm pretty firm on the price), pm me, but text is best. My number is (928) 85three - 002five

    Price: 1150.00
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