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    Jan 17, 2005
    At the price and with the hype on the Simmons site about their new Master Series Pro Hunter SF scopes, I couldn't pass the deal up for 2 new Stevens 200 rifles I bought for a New Mexico mule deer hunt this year. I think since Mead bought the company, they are trying to upgrade those scopes to their telescope quality and reputation. The "eye box" is very large as to their advertising, and the side focus worked perfectly bringing in targets out to 600 yards very clear. The 1/8 adjustments were accurate and shooting the "box" gave me very satisfying results. My wife was making hits on a 14" plate at 600 yards off the bench consistently after it was dialed in, with her new 7mm-08 and it was the first time shooting a high power rifle!! The target was bright and the mil dots were sharp at that range. Her zero at 200 yard was printing a 1" group for her and that was with an 8 pound trigger pull (working on that this week). I'm putting the other one on a 7 1/2 pound 300 win mag that is brutal with 180 bullets, that should give me a test on the repeatability of the scope under harsh conditions. So far I'm impressed with the quality of the scope versus the price. A few other shooters also were impressed with the brightness and clarity and did some shooting on the long range plate, and these were bench rest guys! I'm not claiming that it's up to the standards of the Leupold but I would put it up against the Nikon Buckmaster or the Bushnell 3200 any time. The average price on the Simmons Master Pro Hunter series SF 6-21 X 42 Target Turret is $180. And NO, I don't have any financial connection to Simmons. Just passing on what I think is a good deal on an inexpensive scope. We're starting aa 300 yard F class next month and I might just try it out on that!