Semi-Custom Remington 25WSSM

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    Aug 20, 2007
    Semi Custom Remington 673
    Chambered for 25 WSSM
    24 inch Shilen heavy sporter stainless
    1-10 twist barrel.( #4 Contour I think )
    Factory laminate stock professionaly
    pilar and glass bedded.
    Less than 300 rounds fired, holds 1 round
    in magazine and one in chamber. Feeds flawlessly
    like this shoots great. Action face trued,
    recoil lug trued, bolt face trued, trigger
    replaced with a 40x and breaks clean at 2.5 lbs.

    Asking $900 shipped
    E-mail me at:

    Dies, Brass and loaded ammo available.