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    Dec 19, 2011
    Went out to a friends place the other day and set up a ground blind on a bottom near some junipers and huge cottonwoods. My friend Jim and I got out there about 5:30 this morning, and no sooner got out of the truck and heard a gobble. We headed down to the blind and zipped down the windows. As the sun started to peek, I made out several rather shapes in a cottonwood tree about 150 yards from us. I started a little yelping on the call, and immediately noticed two gobblers all fanned out on a tree branch. As the sun came up a bit more, we could make out 14 turkeys in the trees. A bit later a couple of hens broke and flew to a sagebrush hillside, then the gobblers and 4 hens came down about 100 yds from us. I yelped a little more, and we heard another gobbler right behind us. He came around and made his way into the field and we watched a struttin' and dancin' show for about 15 minutes. Finally the three gobblers came to about 50 yards from Jim and I, so we took the shot on the count. This was the result:

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    Thanks for sharing. Nice Birds.