Savage 260 barrel, dies, bullets, brass

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    Jan 4, 2006
    I have a Shilen SS Match barreled chambered in .260 Barrel has about a 400-500 round count. Barrel is a shooter, shot some of the smallest groups of my life with it. Sub-moa for sure. During load development, I was importing into On Target, have a Max at .296 ATA goes to .096. At 100 yards it shoots ragged holes. It was on a F Class gun. I shot 4 matches, (first ever I shot, and first time shooting 600yards) I averaged around 575 and around 10X’s. Barrel cleans great, I’ve just used wipe-out in it, a brush has never been run through it. My load was 42 grains of H4350, berger 130’s. I was jumping them, have that data at home. Barrel is a bull at 28inches. Small Shank. Will come with the accu-nut, and machined recoil lug, (all purchased through Northlander) ONLY selling to fund a full custom, I only get to shoot so many matches a year, and I’m the only guy in our group shooting factory, so I guess I have gun envy, and no reason to have two F Classers. Also the deal I made with my significant other

    $340 shipped, would be about $470ish to purchase from northlander

    Next is .260 dies. Have both the RCBS two die, non-bushing. I also have the LEE collet die,

    $45 shipped

    Lastly, some 130 bergers. See lot numbers in pic. One FULL box of 100, 130 VLD targets,(bottom) And 2 partial boxes of VLD target and hunting. Each box has 21 bullets. Note, so I can fit it in a small pre-paid box, plastic boxes will not be included for the partial boxes, I’ll put in ziplocks. If you want the boxes, please and an addition 5 bucks.

    $55 shipped

    I also have some 260 Lapua Brass. It is a mix of 4 and 5 times fired. I’ll be asking .60 per piece shipped. I “think” I have around 140 pieces, I can confirm tonight. NO brass prep has been done, no trimming, nothing. You can get in line for this, and I’ll post exact quantity tonight.

    Thanks, let me now if you have any questions. Prefer MO but will also do paypal, either gift or you pay fees

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