S O L D : M72 RPK Rifle (Heavy-barreled AK-47) + PENTAX 1.5-6X40 scope

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    Jan 27, 2008
    S O L D: AK-47 M72 RPK Rifle
    The semi-auto version of the modern heavy-duty full-auto RPK machinegun.
    21" barrel. The highest quality Heavy-barreled AK variant.
    (YUGO - not the cheap thin-barreled Romanian RPK)

    Comes with:
    PENTAX 1.5-6X40 variable scope, has Ballistic Plex style reticle, finger-adjust knobs;
    B-SQUARE Picatinny-Weaver style scope mount;
    LEUPOLD see-thru rings;
    nice trigger pull;
    bipod, slant-style muzzle brake;
    two 30-rd. steel mags;
    and one 20-rd. steel mag (where legal).

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    This "sporter system" is pretty awesome. You can use the iron sights, or the scope.
    The iron sights are adjustable for both windage and elevation.
    I like using Stoney Point shooter's sticks while sitting on the ground, instead of prone with bipod.
    If you like using the 7.62x39 round, and you like shooting at longer ranges than the average AK-47...gun)

    Here's an example of what others are selling it for (just the gun $900+):
    GunBroker.com guns: AK-47 Yugo M72 RPK 762x39 A True RPK NIB AK47 (item: 98460199 ends: Apr-28-08 05:28:08 PM)

    The aftermath of the Presidential election may cause the value of these "assault rifles" to go way up.

    I've had this "sporter" M72 RPK AK-47 for about a year now. There have been about 200 rounds thru it, and I have about $1,000 in the whole pkg.
    I'll let it go for $799 + free S/H to your local FFL holder, or come and get it.

    (Then, you can hop in your own bed with it. :D)

    Chris Gegere "G-gear" (307) 469-2377
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