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    Oct 16, 2011
    I know this will be a lame question for most of you. I've hunted & fished my whole life.As I've started aging I find myself glassing even more than normaly. I have a 30+ year old M77R in 30-06 that I've taken countless game with. I loaned it out & it came back a year later w/a rusted barrel. I realize it needs a new barrel bur the action is clean & tight.I also realize that I cannot expect to shoot beyond 500yards w/deadly force in this caliber. Can anyone reccomend a quality barrel,muzzle break,possible stock & any other reccomendations for 165 grain bullets for this gun. I have a quality scope for this rifle already. As I've taken mule deer out to 407yards w/factory loads I know I have the ability to shoot & expect to be consistent as I start hand loading my ammo for this rifle as I've done for my 243 cal. for Javelina & varmints.
    Thank You for any input you may have. John Phx,AZ.