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    Dec 13, 2010
    scope is nikon monarch x tactical 4-16x50mm obj. Rifle is savage model 10 fcp-hs Precision. What height rings will I need? Need to clear scope cover as well.
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    May 22, 2011
    Ring height has been discussed recently in another thread. I can't get the link on my iphone using ForumRunner. Here's what I had to say, which applies here.

    Of course, you want the scope to clear the action, base and barrel. You also want a comfortable cheek weld. You can try looking at specs, but's tough to know for sure without having the rifle and scope in hand.

    Scope height is not the only parameter that determines the best cheek weld when shooting. Other factors bear as well, like your skeleton, clothing, shooting position, stock length of pull, scope eye relief, etc.

    You really need to verify the correct ring height for your particular scope, rifle and skeleton. I think the best method is to buy a cheap set of Weaver mount rings in three heights: med, high, and extra-high.

    Thoroughly evaluate various cheek rest positions using the cheap rings. Of course, you should do this in the shooting position you use most often. Wear the same clothing too. When you think you have it right, close your eyes, establish a comfortable cheek weld, and then open your eyes. Is the sight picture correct? If not, keep playing with scope position and cheek rest height until it is.

    Mount your scope using a couple heights and then decide which height gives you good clearance and a comfortable check weld. Most ring suppliers provide the height from the top of the rail to the bottom of the scope tube. Once you identify the cheap ring that gives the correct height, measure the ring height with a caliper or accurate ruler.

    Then buy your final rings.