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    Sep 12, 2012
    Universal fit rifle slings for sale. I made up a bunch of these to sell, and can't get rid of them now. $18 each, shipped.

    I have Zombie Green, Air Force (or Navy I guess) blue, Red, Pumpkin, Flo. Pink, Flo. Orange, Regular Pink, Brown and Tan. All colors but the brown and tan can be used belts AND rifle slings....the brown and tan are generation 1 and are a little short for all but the very small and very young to wear as belts....

    Guaranteed to fit any rifle or shotgun. The 'Zombie Green' and Flo. Orange are shown. 100% US made webbing, thread and buckles.

    Sling swivels not included. ( I am in a union, like the ruler says, but not a Slingmaker union:)


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