Rem 700 SA ADL 243 Win???

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    May 21, 2006
    What to do? I picked up a Rem 700 ADL in 243 Win the other day for my Ruger 10/22 and $150. It is glass bedded at the lug and at the rear screw, fully floating in a Fajen wood stock. It has some funky kind of paint in a olive drab kind of color. It has a 20" barrel and think that it is old, I remember someone on here asking about the paddle type of safety, versus the button type, and I thought the paddle meant that it was older. Also the knob is more squared than my 300WM, I would assume that it is the newer type.

    1st) Did I do ok on the deal?

    2nd) I want this to be a light backcountry packing type, into the hills for a few days type of medium range gun, accurate to about 600yards.

    3rd)I will mainly use this on Roosevelt Elk here in the NW, not for deer. Maybe for our small black bears.

    4th) I am thinking that it will probably be a 20"-22" barrel, medium diamater, and fluted. Stainless and might even have a muzzle break on it.

    5th) Caliber???? I have read alot about the 308 Win being verry good for hunting at normal ranges, down to one idea that the 300 RUM wastes alot of the powder it uses, when shot out of a 26" or less barrel. When all the power you could use is available in the 308 case ans 22". Again at normal hunting ranges, not especially long. It doesn't recoil near as much as a MAGNUM. Which is a good thing in a light rifle....6 1/2lbs is my target weight.

    Or the 7mm-08 Rem....I would think that it would be too small to kill the 3pt or better bulls, but I know of 2 people who killed that kind of elk this last year with 7mm-08. One was even hit behind the lung and in front of the hock, about 4" lower than the spine(no vitals). Dead in one shot, from the road, last day of the season, 7am on the way to work...pissed me off somthing fierce. His was taken at about 220 yards with a 140gr core-lokt bullet. And the bullet passed all the way through.

    I am trying to see what you all might do with this goal and also this rifle.

    WHat the heck is the 308 Palma Match?

    Joe Oakes
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    Jan 30, 2005
    I can't say if you got a good deal, don't know the condition of your trade gun. I have picked up a few used 700LA this winter one syn. 7mm $260 used, and one syn.30-06 new $360. Seen an older 700bdl at a store for $264 and regret not buying it. Bought for there actions.

    Both the 7-08 and 308 could be accurate for 600 yard shooting. I would be a little cautious about taking shots at elk over 500 yards with those 2 cartriges. It could be done with the right bullet and perfect shot placement. If you need more range move up to a short mag.

    The 7-08 should kill elk fine. I shot two with a 280 rem last fall with 140 AB under 150 yards. If hit right they will drop on the spot. The 308 is a proven cartige very capable of taking elk.

    A 308 palma match is basically the same as a 308 win. reamer dimensions are a little different to acomidate the 155 palma bullet, and camber may be on the smaller side of sammi.

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    Mar 8, 2004
    I would go with the 7/08. Have shot one for 10 years. For you criteria I would load the 140 gr TSX Barnes with a max dose of VV560. Adds velocity to my rifle like a Hornady light mag load. Go with a 22" barrel. Good luck.