REM. 6.5 WSM Long Range Hunter

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    This is the first rifle that I did all the machining and chambering.

    Rem. 700 SA trued and lugs squared
    Stainless Bolt Wolff spring, Callahan Speedlock Alum. Firing pin
    Krieger 31 in. Heavy Varmint 1 in 8 TW. .2955 neck. .200 Freebore
    4 port muzzle brake made by myself.
    Shilen 2oz Competition Trigger
    Bobby Hart LRT Stock Devcon bedded
    EGW 20 MOA Base
    Millet 6x-25x-56 LRS Tactical Scope
    Millet Tactical Rings

    As of today I have only shot it 20 times for barrel brake in. With 140gr. A Max's and 64grs of H 1000 I am up to 3140 fps average for 3 shots that went into 3/4 inch at 200 yds. That was my last 3 shots. I am going back out on friday to test some more.

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    Oct 15, 2004
    Very nice work.

    Is that a short action?

    What is your loaded round length?

    What magazine are you using?

    Again, nicely done.


    GNERGY Guest

    It's a short action with a stock mag box. I am single loading them anyway.
    My loaded round lenght is 3.040 which for that bullet is .010 off the lands.
    My latest range session with 140 A Max's and H 1000 gave me a .631 3 shot group at 300 yds with 64.5 grs at 3190 FPS. With 66gr of H 1000 powder gave me velocities just over 3300 FPS, but the group opened up to 1.625 for 3 shots at 300 yds. I am going to go a little higher with the powder, then I am going to try seating them .030 off the lands and then try some Retumbo.
    I also have some 140gr VLD's to test also.
    Here is my build pics.
    Thanks for the nice comments. I put a lot of time and work into this rifle.