Reloader17 and 7x57AI and bullets

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    Jan 4, 2008
    I put together a 7x57AI a while ago and have yet to do anything with it. I finally have some time to dedicate to this rifle and am hoping for some feedback.

    I've never used any Reloader powders and thought I'd try some out.

    I currently have 160 Accubonds, 162 Amax, 168 & 180 Bergers on hand [I load for my 7STW] I've never shot a smaller 7mm cartridge. I have lots of medium to slow powders [H380 - 1000, 7828, etc.]

    I'm more than happy to buy additional components.

    Barrel is a 9 twist, 24" Would a lighter bullet [140-150] be better with this shorter barrel, smaller powder capacity?

    Carry wieght all aroung hunting rifle. Deer, elk, goats, sheep, hogs, etc out to 6-800 yards.

    Fire forming suggestions also appreciated. I have one AI cartridge and shot standard loads until I had enough brass then worked up new AI loads. This time I would like to form my brass all at once and spend my time with the AI workup.

    Any and all suggestions appreciated.

    Thanks, Sam
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