Rechamber Factory Barrel ?????

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by Double Bypass, Sep 13, 2008.

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    Nov 10, 2007
    I do 95% of hunting with handguns to be legal in the southern half of Michigan & one of my friends wanted me to go Bear hunting in Canada where as you know would not let me bring my handgun into the country so I decided to buy a rifle. This was about the time when Remington came out with the 300 SAUM so I bought one in a Model 700 BDL SS. I had a new HS Precision stock laying around so I mated them up, mounted a 4 1/2-14 Leupold on it, sighted in for 50 yards, went with my friend & killed yogie. The rifle has sat in the safe since then. When another of my friends with a lot of land asked me to come up to his place & shoot chuck's at long range I thought that that rifle would do great as it has more horse power than my other rifles. I ordered Redding Full & neck bushing dies ,Competition seating die body die & allot of new brass. This is when things got interesting. When checking for my seating depth with 180 gr MK's or Nosler BT's I found that at a length to be able to fit in the magazine box I would be close to .030 away from the lands. I also found when checking fired cases that the case neck expanded .008 over loaded round. Best load groups are 3/4" @ 100--- not acceptable. I know it's not operators error as I can just about drive nails with my SR-25 & custom AR's & other rifles. I was thinking of just putting it back in the safe until I get enough spare change to get it rebarreled when my friend suggested I take it to the smith he has had rebarrel about 5 of his rifles all of which shoot great & have the barrel set back just a few turns & rechambered with a Min spec SAAMI chamber, throated for the bullets I want to use at a length that will fit in the magazine box. I told him to ask his gunsmith if he thought this would be feasible on a SS factory barrel with about 150 rounds down the tube. He just gave me a call and said he talked to his smith and he told him that doing that should do the trick & that the cost would be $100.00 which I consider very reasonable if it works as I am now retired & on a fixed income. I have been lurking here for some time now & really enjoy this site. I've never had a barrel rechambered Should I let him give it a try?? Your opinions please & THANKS in advance.
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    I'd go for it, at worse case, you have a real good reason to get it rebarreled ;)

    Where are you located here in Michigan? As I also Handgun hunt here in Southern Mi.

    And welcome to the site.


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    In most situations I'd suggest upgrading to a decent barrel while you're at it or considering going to a better round while you're at it (think WSM, though this wouldn't gain you much if you want to feed from the magazine). However, what you suggest is the cheapest option to solve issues with the current chamber. Switching calibers would cost you all new dies.

    Factory barrels are cheap, so you're not out much if it doesn't solve anything, right? It doesn't sound like you will be shooting it enough to really worry about the life left in the barrel, there should be plenty for you.