rebarrel 30.06 to lapua/edge or similar?

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  1. snake

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    Jun 22, 2010
    I have a Rem700 BDL I just got off a trade/barter from my buddy. Its a clean gun 24" barrel,wood laminate stock in awsome condition. A great gun just to start.

    I would like to know if its something that can be done resonablly. is it easy as picking a gunsmith to convert to one of these magnum calibers? I do NOT want a 338.06 or other 06' variants please. I want a longer range caliber in the .338 range though. Is it do-able on a 30.06 action? Is it the same action basically as a 300win mag action?

    I have a .375 RUM that im making a larger long range boomber but don't want to alter the action to anything else. I like my RUM the way it is.:D

  2. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004
    Here's what I did, though I started with a Rem 700 long action in 338 Win Mag which gave me the mag bolt face to start with.

    New 338 RUM Rem sporter take off barrel 26" - $40 plus shipping. Easy to find.
    Holland quick discharge brake installed - $125.00

    Open boat face and may as well have a Sako extractor installed. $135.00

    I now have a great shootin' 338 RUM launching 300 gr hybrids at 2750 which sure seems sure seems like enough.

    Dual dove tail or rail bases will be necessary as I learned the hard way.

  3. snake

    snake Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2010
    Roy, i like that idea. i'll try and find a gunsmith and see what can be done! A rebarrel with a take-off might be the way to go and some extra work. Might get out cheaper than i think.
  4. LouBoyd

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    Oct 15, 2007
    It can be done, but In my opinion it makes more sense to just purchase a rifle designed for those cartridges with adequate bolt diameter and magazine length.

    Once you discover the recoil of the 338 Lapua or 338 Edge I expect you'd wish you still had the 30-06.

    ICANHITHIMMAN Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2008
    Another option is to sell your bolt and buy a better one from PTG with all the upgrades already done to it. You have the right length action as remington only makes 2 action lengths short and long, and they build everything from the 30-06 to the 338 lapua on it.

    You will also need the rails inside the action modified to feed the RUM cases. Install a wayatts box mag and you have an action thats good to go. Kevin Cram at Montour county rifle can do it easy he is a sponser here ddrop him an email.
  6. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004
    Holey Cow!!!

    Every one is making things way too complicated.

    Recoil???? Put a brake on the thing!

    Wyatt this and that???? Epoxy or weld in a solid follower in the slot. If ya can't hit it with one shot the odds are you can't hit it with a mag. full........

    Here's today's experience. Took a greenie with me up on the hill. SmokinCoyote from Idaho Falls. Have been coaching him (he's doing all the work and shootin') getting his 30-06 Win Featherweight to beyond 300 yards. He was smokin' things at 500 to day.

    He was eager to to see me shoot the 338 RUM I described above in an earlier post. Little did he know he was going to do the shooting.:)

    He had not shot anything 'bigger' than his '06.

    The load is 300 Berger Hybrid ahead of 102 gr H-50 BMG w/ Fed 215 primers.

    The 300 yd zero hasn't shot out side of .5 MOA at 300 yds cold bore for 7 shots over a two week period.

    When it came time to shoot and he learned he was going to shoot the big girl he was like a kid on his first date (He must be at least 30, and a real nice guy.)

    I had him mess with the no longer in production Weaver Tactical 4.5-14 FFP so he could compare the 14x max, FFP and Mil Dot reticle to other scopes while he's shopping.

    The had him dry fire for a bit to get used to the trigger.

    Before I ran out the door this morning, I printed two copies of the drop chart. I grabbed the pages from the printer without looking jammed them in the field record case and left.

    When it came time to shoot I learned I had two copies of the second page only which starts at 900 yards. Its a two page chart with drop in Mils on the first page ending at 880. The second page starts at 990 with clicks beyond the 5 Mil drop such that the top of the post becomes the center point. Kind of hokey but there isn't enough of those 1/8 minute clicks to get the job done. Doing it this way there is enough clicks (30 MOA) left in the scope to get to maybe 1800 yards when added to the 5 Mil reticle.

    Thus we were shootingblind to the 880 distance. He got set up. I was the spotter. We played the spotter shooter routine. The first rock was 560 yds. I guessed 2 Mils. He shot and hit a bit low leaving a good mark. I described how to use the reticle to compensate for the lack of spotter knowledge. Next shot - spot on.

    Next shot was 680. I guessed 3 Mils. Bang - splat. The kid was getting pumped as he not only was making the shot but was able to spot each hit through the scope. (recoil:rolleyes:) Good guess! Drop chart says 3.1 Mils.

    Next shot was 1003 yards. The chart said 5 Mils + 4 moa + 2 clicks. I gave him a windage hold off in Mils. (Note I have not shot this load over 300 yards and didn't trust the clicks until after today.)

    Bang - Splat - SPOT ON TARGET. Whoops, hollers and excessive celebration......

    Next was a rectangular hole 12" high x 8" wide at 1177 yards. I called the wind hold off. By now its 1 in the afternoon which is when the winds begin gusting and swirling, from the right, then the front, 3 mph then 5-6 mph. I give him the 'send it'. By now I'm catching on to this 'kewl' talk....... Bang, splat - dust about 10 feet low and 15 to 20 feet into the wind....... His hole in the boulder was different than mine. Spotter shooter communication problem..........

    We get on the correct hole in the boulder. I call the wind. Bang - splat - a bit to the right. Bad wind call on my part. By now he's catching onto the wind and using the reticle.

    I call the wind again. He says ready. I say send it. (ya gotta love the cool talk!).

    Bang - dust IN THE HOLE!!!! Whoooo Hoooo big celebration. This kid is getting really excited now and I'm thinking 'why in the world did I order a 375 AM?)

    I recorded the shot details. 5 Mils, 11 MOA and 4 clicks elevation. 2 Mils windage. He looks at my data and informs me that he didn't hold 2 Mils (which was what I called) Did I say he was catching on? He overroad my call and held 1.25 Mils. Smart Alec!) If he would have used my call he would have had a close miss.

    By now this kid is hooked on LRH........

    Rifle Components:

    REM 700 LH - not trued, blue printed, squared or otherwise machined. (@ my direction) - I have no faith in the local smith that fitted the barrel anyway. Took him 6 mo. when he said come back next week!
    26" Rem Sporter Take off barrel (Was unfired when I got it. I ran the Tubb's Final Finish process on it before break-in)
    Holland QD Brake
    Redfield/Leupold Double Dovetail Bases
    Burris Signature Rings - 10 MOA plastic inserts.
    Rem BDL Take-off tupper ware stock. - Converted to ADL - DIY - Lotsa J-B Weld.... I don't think I pillared or skimmed it. Can't remember and am not going to tear it apart to find out......Also no aluminum bedding block... I think.....
    ADL Trigger guard from an LRH member.
    Rem factory trigger - 3 Lbs - crisp
    APS single shot follower - glue in DIY
    Limbsaver grind to fit recoil pad
    Weaver Tactical scope 4.5-14x44
    Self designed and manufactured solid aluminum bipod 1.2 lbs (I have a strong dislike for the springy leg types)

    Rifle expenses:
    Used Rem 700 LH BDL in 338 Win Mag. Shortened, incorrectly cut butt stock - $395.00 - with Leuy VX-II 3-9x40 (Sweet deal) One of my very very few....
    Rem 338 RUM new take off barrel - $40 Installation $125.00
    Holland QD brake w/install - $125.00
    ADL trigger guard - $21.00

    Maybe its just luck, heavens know I need all I can get. When you get a rifle this inexpensively that wouldn't sell off the rack for much of anything, that shoots like this all of a sudden it becomes priceless. At least to me!
    All up without the bipod she weighs 9.6 lbs.

    I don't know about others but me thinks its sure worth a try.

    Also run the numbers on the Berger Hybrid or 300 SMK and one would wonder why a Laupa or Edge would be necessary IF you already had a RUM that shot like this.

    I say go for it and don't look back!
  7. snake

    snake Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2010
    Roy Thanks! I appreciate the feedback guys. I would actually if changing calibers like i want to,switch out the bolt completely. I'd like to keep the unmolested bolt the way it is.

    Roy i will PM you soon.