ratchet rifling

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  1. gundog 571

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    Jul 9, 2008
    Hi everybody: My name is Mike, and Iam a BNG to this sight. My son has used this sight and talks about it all the time. So lets give her a shot. What Iam doing is putting a Savage together with a 6.5-06AI shilen 28 inch tube. While looking on the Shilen web site, I found that the the rifling comes in two different styles. The normal, and ratchet style. Is there anybody that has used this ratchet style of rifling. I need your help with both the pro's and con's. Hate to put out the money for something that doesn't work. Thanks for the help. Mike
  2. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    From what I understand its the same basic idea that Obermeyer and Rock Creek use for their 5R rifleing also Broughton uses it and calls it a 5C rifleing.
    its basicaly a standard land and groove desgine with one of the corners of the lands "canted" so to speek.

    I have never used any of Shilen's "ratchet" rifled barrels but have heard that they are soft barrel compaired to some others ,I have used Rock Creek 5R's and Obermeyer 5Rs with great success ,they do give a little more speed , I can't say that they clean any better than any other top end barrel.

    Lothar Walther makes some nice prefit barrels for the Shilen actions also.