Questions on a 338LM build

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  1. zunrj5

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    May 2, 2007
    I just picked up a TRG-42 with the intent of having it re-barreled with a heavier/faster twist barrel so I can launch the 300SMKs and hopefully the wildcat 265's (when available)...these will be seated long and single loaded. I'd also like to be able to mag feed the lighter 250's (or the factory stuff in a pinch).

    My question is, if I have the new barrel throated for the longer bullets will it still work with the shorter 250's? or will the jump be too much?


  2. Chawlston

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    If you set up your dies so that the loaded round is perfectly concentric with the bore. you should be able to tune loads to shoot both of them.

    I just tuned a factory 338RUM Sendero that jumps the bullet .178" due to magazine length limitations and it will easily shoot the 225gr Accubond less than .375".

    In short, yes you can do it and above is an example of a factory project. The custom barrel should even make yours easier to tune.