Predators West Dec. hunt

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    Mar 7, 2010
    well I got off late had 3 stops to make so the first day was a bust for hunting, got in late and tried to sneek up on and old dog in a pivot I have been after for 3 months no luck got busted.
    found out my friend had no water and little heat so I decided to hunt early and spend the rest of the day thawing out his pipes and propane tanks.
    so I head out early get set up on a dune and start to call, 20 min. I'm cold, I look up and I see a dog sitting on rock pile 300 yards, I know it's not coming any closer, I set up try the shot, no luck I knew better I was cold and in a hurry, ok there's another around I will wait another 15 min. sure enough I look to the left another dog on top of a small dune range it 375, this guy is looking around behind him, I think another dog is close by, so I wait, he takes off, nothing shows so I head out.

    When your driving around and you see tracks like this stop hide the car get out find the high spot and blow on a rabbit call.

    so I did just that, turned on the e-caller had the bunny tail running and off to my right comes a dog charging in for the caller, he's 50 feet in front of me I squeak he turns and charges me full speed, now I'm in full camo and this dog never did see me,I yell with no luck I can see the twinkle in his eyes and he has his teeth and mouth open, I panic this dog is going to hit me full speed and try to eat me, I pull the gun up point the barrel at his head and pull the trigger. down he drops 8 feet in front of me, still kicking and trying to get me. WOW that got the blood going.

    Man that was fast, I hear dogs howling all around me, I figure I will set here for another 30 min. no sooner than I turn the e-caller on again I look up 100 yards in front of me another dog is staring at me, no problem, squeezed another v-max off and down he goes, a double

    man I could of sat there all day and shot dogs off the top of that dune, I have been out 3 hours and have called in 4 dogs and killed 2 and missed 1, but, my friend has frozen pipes frozen propane tanks and was waiting for me, so I suck it up and load up and head back, spent the rest of the day getting heat on the water lines. sorry tomz I owe this guy a few favors, so I needed to take care of business.
    This was another perfect hunt, cold high pressure, no wind, snow on the ground, 15 degrees, and the moon and sun were in harmony, the moon was setting with the sunrise and rising with the sun set. As I take more time to stop and listen to coyotes communicate, I am learning more about how to talk back to them, and that always takes me back to coyote 101, the research done by Charles Shawley with my experience in the field has improved my success 100% in the last 2 years. and lets not forget the camo, I am more convinced that the m2d pattern is the best camo for all types of hunting, it's designed to diffuse your outline not trying to make you look like a tree, leaf, branch,ect. the first dog I shot had no clue I was a human it couldn't see me at 10 feet and only knew from lack of sight and the sound of a distress animal that I was food, I think the dog would have hit me if I hadn't shot
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    Great hunt! Charging at eight feet! That's a rush!