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    Nov 11, 2005
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    All aluminum constructed stand made from 6061T-6 aluminum.Sets up and folds down in about 10 seconds.No tools required just tighten or loosen the turnbuckle hand tight and your done. For transportation I would slide the press out simply by turning the
    hand nut on the main shaft and lift the press off.

    Specs are:
    Weight: approx. 10lbs without side bins.With bins aprox. 13.lbs
    Side bins are optional and simply remove by a 1/4" detent pin.
    Bin size is 6"x10" and can hold the #3 plastic parts bin you can pic up at Lowes.

    Size: footprint 21"x30"x5"
    Height: adjustability infinitilly from 24" which would be the base of your press
    to 28"

    Adjustable castors on all 4 legs for uneven surfaces

    Will except any style press just drill your own holes
    or provide me a template and I will punch holes for you.

    Top plate that press is mounted on is 8" for this prototype
    But new models will have a 10" top.

    Tubing is 2" Square 6061T-6 Aluminum

    I have used this stand for about 2 months and it is super sturdy
    and well made.I weigh approx. 250 lbs. I can stand on the top plate of this press.

    Press is great for the range or when out of bench room as in my case.

    The price I would consider selling them at is $149.99 + shipping
    for the stand and the aluminum bins would be $20 a piece.

    Email me for any quetions I am anxious to here feedback good or bad.

    Thanks Frank