Pine Valley BR match

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    Jul 5, 2007
    March 3, 2012
    250 yds, clay pigeons, mini 60mm clays, 10 clays with 10 shots per round, 4 rounds.
    Need minimum of 40 rounds plus sighters plus shoot-off if your lucky or real good
    Sighter period before first round.
    $20.00 match fee
    50% pay back
    any caliber under .310
    muzzle brakes allowed
    no one piece rests
    no coaching during match
    I now have muzzle brake shields between benches.
    Shoot-off if needed is one shot closest to center at 250 yds.
    Range open Friday the 2nd. at 10:am for practice.
    Shooters meeting at 9:30 am Saturday and match starts immediately after meeting. Draw for benches and relay.
    Plaque for first place junior shooter, junior is under 16.
    Range address:
    321 Dorrell Rd.
    Huntsville, Texas 77340
    Contact me for more info and range directions.
    Pine Valley Benchrest Shooters Association
    Mike Cockcroft