Penny Auctions Remington Model Seven (7) CDL's!

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    Apr 7, 2009
    M7 CDL Blowouts!!!

    Just got a load in of over 200 Remington Model Seven CDL drop-in finished walnut riflestocks with R3 Pads, checkered and non-checkered (only a handful w/o checkering).

    In case you didn't know we buy up all the Remington blems and seconds we can, in addition to the 100's of running items we put on sale every month.

    Here's the links:

    eBay Penny Auctions - these are no-reserve auctions starting at one-cent.
    Main Website Listings - many Remington 700's and Sevens in here. 10% off a pair and 20% off 10 or more.

    Got in some very special Garand stocks also - check out our other post.

    Thanks, Don
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