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    May 29, 2013
    New to lrh website. Was trying to do some long range rifle build research cause im trying to better my skills as a hunter and a shooter and stumble across this website. Started browsing through the forums and decided to join. This place has already help me out quite a bit with info i was looking for. I still have more to learn but picking it up slowly. So far longest shot ive made was 650 yards with my ruger m77 target 220 swift Shooting a 55gr hornady vmax at 1the gallon water jug.

    I bow hunt elk in oregon but am looking to go out of state soon for hunts and need help building a good long range rig. I know this question has been beat to death. But i cant decide on a caliber. Recoil isnt a issue, but the main issue besides caliber is how to pick what componts or companies to choose from because lack of knowledge. Looking to make a rig roughly around 9 to 11lbs dressed.
    Any help would be very awesome.