Options for "lightweight" rifle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by timl, Apr 5, 2007.

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    Feb 11, 2006
    Options for \"lightweight\" rifle

    I have a Sendero in 300wm that weighs about 10lbs with scope. I would like something in the 7.5-8.5 range. Any suggestions? I was thinking I would just buy a sporter weight barrel, but that would still be about 7.5 without scope. I don't carry it much now, but I'm planning a caribou hunt and I'm not sure how much walking will be involved. I don't plan on shooting much over 500 yards, so I'm not sure a 26" heavy barrel is worth carrying. Or should I just stop whining and carry it the way it is!
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    Re: Options for \"lightweight\" rifle

    there is no inexpensive way to take a sendaro to that weight.

    Buy a Kimber 84M instead ($800-1000 new) at 5.5-6 lbs and you are there. Cost less and still have two guns.

    If money is not an object buy the New Ultra Light arms rifle 4.5-6 lbs in any caliber comes with Talley rings/bases and the gold standard on light rifles. Cost is $2400-2800 depending on model and in stock. I have had three and they are normally well under 1".

    Just figure it out.

    New stock $250-400 and bedding $150 minimum

    New barrel chambered and fitted $500

    action lightening, bolt, new shroud etc min $200-400

    and only one gun.

    You can look for a used Colt Light Rifle (one on Sniper Hide in 300 Win mag for $445). Colt in early 90s bought the rights to the Ultra Light Arms rifle from Melvin Forbes in WVA. They farmed out production to 40 shops, nothing fit perfectly and they had hard time producing the guns. They came in at 5 lbs, had only three parts interchangable with the ULAs and Colt could not produce them and make money. They folded the project, Melvin bought the rights back and came back out with the "New Ultra Light Arms". any smith can make parts and the ones that finally got put out by Colt were normally good guns.