Opening Weekend here in TX...I score and so does my wife!!!

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    Nov 18, 2003
    Sorry to say but my Allen Precision Shooting 280AI was not used for long range hunting this on...

    Saturday morning, I found myself on the ground overlooking a 200 acre wheat field. It has been TOO HOT for good deer activity in our area and I was not expecting much. After laying down waiting for the sun to come up, in the prone position, my neck got tired and I decided to sit up for a bit. Well, just so happened there was some old farm equipment to lean up I did. Just as I got good and comfy....there he is! At 10 yards!!!!

    Not a good time to move and I was sure he had seen me. As he raised his head, I realized he was a buck that had been seen during bow season. Since he was mature and a clean main frame 8, I decided he did not need to do any breeding this season or any future seasons.

    He fed in front of me for about 6 minutes and soon angled away enough for me to lay back down. I got in position and he was at a whopping 25 yards( sure am glad I practiced ALL summer for that 800 yards shot!!) I squeezed and the bullet struck low(in white hair) in the last rib and exited HIGH in the off shoulder!!! Wonder what the angle was on that one?!? The 160gr Accubond completely exited. Entrance was just larger than bullet dia. and exit was about an inch or so. 25 yard run and he was down.

    Nice 8 pointer but nothing like the true trophies we have. Rough scored at 125 B&C points. dressed out at 135lbs


    My wife's buck came this morning. Sitting in the same spot, we saw a doe that was going to be her FIRST deer. Well, she had to have her OWN rifle, so we chose an 243 H&R just to see if she was really interested. I set this up with GS Custom 75gr HVs....a load that my wife has proven deadly on hogs.... Well, the doe was at about 250yds and I was not comfortable letting her shoot at that distance and neither was she.

    We decided to follow a fence nearer to the doe's position. On hands and knees, we made all of 25 yards and I noticed a buck was following. Knowing he would not tolerate any movement, I told her we had to wait there. With a 4 foot mesquite tree for cover, we waited and I tried to glass the buck....remember we were after a doe for which no judgement beyond sex is needed....therefore, I had no spotter of rangefinder!!!

    Luckily the doe felt the need to feed close and closer and the buck followed. I looked and could tell he was old and big bodied but was not sure of the rack.....more waiting....After they moved to withing 125 yards, I decided he also needed to be taken. Another main frame 8 with a couple kickers. Set her up on the bi-pods and told her to shoot when he turned.

    The Buck decided he was a ballerina and did some spins, only to start feeding again. Not sure what he saw or smelled but he did a 180 and began feeding agin. She steadied herself and squeezed the trigger....BANG....THUD....FLOP.

    The GS Cstom entered in front of the last rib and due to him being slumped over to eat, the bullet traveled through the ribs, liver, both lungs, through 2 vertebrae(sp?), and out the skin. Awesome penetration and performance as expected with the GS bullet.

    Here he is and pics do not do it justice. Rough scored 133 B&C points and dressed out at 165lbs....yes, 165lbs dressed....this TEXAS boy did not know he wasn't suppose to get that big...LOL

    Saw another 10 point buck that would score in the 140's to 150's but was a younster....2-3 years old. Just a few more years!!!

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    Jan 17, 2005
    Sir, those are very nice, a special congrats to your wife.
    I have to say that my first Deer looked nothing like that.
    I don't know what part of the great State of Texas that you
    hunt, but the overall quality of her Buck is very impressive. I started my boy's Deer hunting with the NEF guns because of safety concerns, (single shot and transfer
    bar system) & I sat with them, allowing only short shots
    until later, then I moved them up into Bolt guns. Their
    NEF guns did not look like that rifle, though. I am curious.

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    Jun 14, 2002
    [ QUOTE ]
    Well, she had to have her OWN rifle, so we chose an 243 H&R just to see if she was really interested.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    That is what my dad purchased years back to see if I was interested......but it was the venerable 30-30. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif Congrats to the both of you!!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
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    Nov 18, 2003
    Thnaks guys.

    Nomo, her gun is the H&R Ultra Model SB2. I used Brownel's Gun Kote to make it look stainless. Hers was practice before I did my 1911. With the GS Custom's, It will hold right at 1 MOA.