NOW SHIPPING: New LRS 2.0 Laminated Thumbhole & Classic 10/22 Stocks

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    Apr 7, 2009
    We have been very busy here at Stocky's. Much of what we do, the designing, redesigning and tweaking of our exclusive designs goes unnoticed. While most competitors out there have but one goal - CHEAP - we at Stocky's are taking a different tactic - QUALITY & INNOVATION.

    Sure, we have plenty of discounted items, and more coming to make way for these beauties, our focus is on a better fit, better wood and better finishes.

    The Long Range Sporter Thumbhole v2.0
    and Classic 1022's are a great example:

    • Metal Fit - a closer look at the inventory listed on this new thumbhole reveals something very unique in the aftermarket laminated stock world
      • lightbulbDifferent models for magnum and standard barrel channels.
        • Until now everyone has attempted a "one-size-fits-all" approach, which means either your 308/30-06 - class factory barrel fits too loosely or your 300 mag fits too tightly. Not any more, now you can select your barrel size on your new thumbhole.
        • Different forend tapers for standard and 1022 bull barrels, no more oversized forends for standard barrels.
      • lightbulbUpdated floorplate inletting.
        Somewhere along the line Remington must have changed their bottom metal supplier because the new standard stuff offered on the 2011/2012 700 lineup got just a tad longer, just long enough that it would no longer "drop-in" without a little encouragement from a Dremel. This has been corrected on the LRS 2.0.

    • lightbulbErgonomics - note the new palm swell ... keeps your thumb knuckle out of the thumbhole for improved trigger reach / control, reduction in felt recoil and overall handling.

    • lightbulbUpgraded LAMINATED Wood - we have insisted on deeper, more consistent colors with less heartwood to detract from the overall appearance. Striking new rich, dark brown laminate color!

    • lightbulbWALNUT, Upgraded WALNUT and Premium WALNUT - keep an eye on the site for both centerfire and rimfire versions in both gloss & satin finishes. Here's a recent example. (Stay tuned for the centerfires)

    • lightbulbNew and Improved Finishes - We evaluated dozens of finishes, including some of the finest varnish, urethane and lacquers available today and have made what we believe to be the the best production gunstock finish on our 2012/2013 models available anywhere.
    Thought you'd like to know,

    Don B.
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