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    Jun 5, 2007
    I sent a repsectful email to Ebay concerning there decision to restrict the sale of firearm parts and components to include brass and bullets online. Apparently this all stemed from the Virgina Tech shootings where a magazine was bought off Ebay. This was the reply I got.

    Hello Mr. Pritt,

    Thank you for your recent email to Matt Halprin regarding the changes to
    our Firearms, Weapons and Knives policy. He has asked that I respond on
    his behalf.

    At eBay we take the safety of our community and our marketplace very
    seriously. We have a Trust and Safety team which consists of more than
    2,000 experts in online security and safety who are located around the
    globe. This team is dedicated to ensuring that our marketplace is a safe
    and trusted place for buyers and sellers to engage in trade.

    We value an open and transparent marketplace; if items are legal to buy
    and sell in an unrestricted manner we allow them on our site. However,
    there are some items that while legal, may not be safe for our
    marketplace. In these instances, our applicable policies go beyond the
    law to ensure that our marketplace is safe.

    After careful consideration our executives and our Trust and Safety team
    determined that while legal, any item required to fire a gun has no
    place on eBay. All of our policies are under constant review. As the
    internet and the way our communities use the internet evolves, our
    policies and our marketplace must evolve with it. We have determined
    that this policy change was in the best interest of promoting a safe
    marketplace for all members.


    Mike Smith
    Office of the President
    eBay, Inc.
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    Jul 23, 2007
    That letter seems to make me think Ebay is trying to be responsible. It doesn't appear they are against buying or selling of anything, it's just that they feel their space is not the proper place for the items. I agree with them on this. I'm not so sure EBAY is the place to be buying and selling weapons and ammunition and other things like that.

    The letter sounded nice.

    I do agree with NYLES, EBAY, like any good business, is going to CTA.
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  3. NYLES

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    Dec 18, 2006
    Sounds to me like they want to insure they are covering thier ass and not get sued! and dont take that as me not accepting thier view but average criminal aint going to Ebay to buy a $25.00 pistol..........ask any of our current 3800 inmates here.
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