Nighthawk Custom 6.5x284 rifle

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    May 30, 2012
    I have a really nice Nighthawk Custom 6.5 x 284. It has a Nighthawk action, The Barrel is a 26" Broughton with 5C rifleing. The stock is a Manner MCS-TA stock. It has a Jewell trigger thats set at about 1 pound. The gun has been 3 tone coated by Nighthawk. It has been glass bedded by Nighthawk. This gun looks brand new except for one area it rubbed in gun case(shown in Picture). There is less than 100 rounds through this rifle and it is unbelievably accurate. The gun was bought from nighthawk for around $4500, and nighthawk lost there rifle gunsmith so they will no longer be making rifles. So this is probably your last chance to own one. This gun is put together like a work of art with all work done by nighthawk. $3500 shipped, and I may consider a partial trade. I currently have it on Gunbroker if you'd like to bid, but will sell seperately as long as I don't have bids.

    Nighthawk Custom 6.5x284 Rifle with Manner Stock : Bolt Action Rifles at

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