Nightforce Velocity 1000 reticle

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    Feb 8, 2009
    Does anyone have one of the nightforce scopes with the velocity reticle and how has it worked out as far as the lines with your gun. My NF 5.5 x 22 np r-1 will not hold point of inpact ,I thought something was wrong the other day when I had high shots (4 to 6 inches) at several yardages , so today I was shooting at 600 yds shot two shots 4 inches high , clicked down 2 clicks and shot 4 inches low, (should have never been 4 inches high in the first place ) Should have move bullet inpact down 3 inches instead it went 8 inches total , I have had this happen on several occasions over the years. I have always believed that anytime you move a scope adjustment sooner or later you will have trouble. I have had this happen on all my scopes at one time or another all makes. I have another rifle 6.5 x 284 with a Zeiss 6.5 x 20 Z-1000 that never varies except for windage . I have shot them side by side and sometimes when you click to the yardage with the NF it might move to your yardage and might NOT ! Now I know human error has a huge factor at anything past 500 yds as well as the wind but this has happened to many times to be anything but a scope problem , and its always a elevation problem. If you don't shoot a lot , and at several yardages you will probably never see this problem. This is why I want the NF Velocity reticle....
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    Look it up on u tube. Saw on of there salesman talking about it 17 different reticules for the ballistic curve closest to your rifle.