Night shoot!

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    Mar 30, 2008
    Guys I did a night shoot this summer. It was a blast!!!
    It was me, Wyatt, and Chris. We were up on a tower Wyatt built for longrange shooting. It was 14 feet off the ground and was 12x10 feet^2.

    We set out some Larue targets at unknown distances and taped glow sticks on the front so we could see them still. So basically we were shooting at a 1/2"x3" target at unknown distances!!

    I got the first chance to shoot. I got ready to shoot and set up for a 841 yard shot according to my Swarovski RangeMaster. I dialed up the Nightforce for a click shy of 850. no wind. I turned on my reticle as low as it would go and set up for the shot. Wyatt was on his spotting scope and was ready. He said send it and before he finished "it" I broke the trigger and a split second later the glow stick blew up! Hit!

    Here is a pic of the target at 841. We did not get a pic of it right after the hit but we did get this pic of it the next night after we wore it out badly at 841 during the day!! Wyatt with his called headshot!!

    Wyatt was next with his T2K. He ranged the next one at 1021. He had the DTAC reticle so I thought that was cheeting!!! Well he shot an entitire magazine at it and we never heard steel clang or saw the glow stick explode. Chris brought up his custom rifle in 300 WSM and he never connected on it either. I shot at it 4 times connecting on my 4th shot.

    My hit at 1021.