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    Mar 16, 2009
    I've seen info from this site come up many times from Google searches I've done over the past couple of years, and there have been some helpful threads. Getting more serious about long range hunting/shooting, I figured it would be worthwhile to join. I'm primarily a hunter. Sure, it's fun to shoot little, bug-hole groups on paper, but hunting and killing are my true passions. I do a double-ton of hunting in Montana, and one of the most challenging obstacles I face to long-range shooting is the different conditions I may take a shot it. I could be antelope hunting in the eastern part of the state where it's relatively humid and 2500' ele., and then find myself bear hunting at 9000' a week later. I've got a couple of what I'd consider long range guns. A Surgeon-built Scalpel .308 with a 26" Krieger barrel and straight 17x US Optics scope (metric) in a McMillan A5 stock. Obviously, it's not a light rifle, but in an Eberlestock pack, it's comfortable enough for me to pack. I shoot Lapua silver Scenars, 155gr, at 2940fps, and they're deadly, deadly accurate. On deer and antelope, as well as coyotes, they're devastatingly affective. My other rifle is an accurized Rem. 700 .300 Win mag in a McMillan Edge stock with a Shilen match barrel. I chose the Schmidt and Bender 4-16x42mm PMII for it, mounted it in Near rings on a 20moa US Optics base. With 180gr Accubonds going 3045fps, it's super accurate and at only 8.5 pounds is a pleasure to carry. I broke down a year ago and bought a Leica Locator, the civilian version of the Vector IV rangefinder, and can't say enough about it. It's the best investment that I ever made, and has allowed me to enter the world of long range hunting with precision. I hunt mostly public land in Montana, and my favorite hunting is spring bear, when I've got lots of remote country to myself.
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting.

    Looks like you're pretty well set up and also found a good place to hang out.:)


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    Welcome to LRH! Nice to have another member from the Big Sky Country. Enjoy!