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  1. Btetrick59

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    May 13, 2012
    Hello All,
    I look forward to reading the many articles on this site as I am new to LRS and recently purchased a Savage BA110 338 Lapua, I have been shooting sence I was a young boy when my father to me duck hunting in South Dakota.
    I have been shooting something ever sence and now that my kids have all grown up I have a new interest in LRS with my son.
    With as little as 40 rounds thru the barrel I am hooked and now look forward to learning the art of reloading as you know the cost of the 338 Lapua makes it a natural choice.

    Have purchased Brass and bullets from Lapua, powder from Hodgdon and primers from CCI to start my education.

    The 1st box Black Hills 300gr was used to get the scope dialed in (Millett 6-24 x 60) went well, and we went out last Sunday to make sure things were good and shot some
    Blackhills 250gr thru it and was very happy with my results.

    Anyway thanks for a place to share my interest in the sport.

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    Jan 16, 2008
    Welcome to LRH. Hope you have a bunch of money. This website will drill a hole in your wallet and the money will just drain right outf! :D