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    Dec 30, 2011
    Avid shooter and reloader trying to restart those activities in Falls Church, VA, where I moved in late 2009. Grew up in western OR; have lived in AZ, Germany, and NC.

    I've been a reloader since 1983. So far, I've loaded for .257 Roberts, .223Rem, .22-250, 7x57, .270Win, .308Win, and .30-06; plus some common handgun rounds.

    Over the last nine years, I tried to teach myself simple gunsmithing and stock work. I've caught the Mauser bug and have three VZ.24 actions and one Steyr 1912 Chilean action, all waiting for me to decide what they will become.

    Started hunting in mid-1980's, but that has been sporadic with many moves. Hunted boar in Germany (have German hunting license <Jagdschein>; speak German), Coues deer in southwest AZ (near Sierra Vista), and deer in eastern OR (near Wallowa). A dream hunting trip would be to the Hardanger region of Norway; both sides of family are from southern half of Norway.

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    Jan 6, 2005

    Hope you find all you need/want in this forum and in N. Virginia!