New build always comes with new questions....

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    So the time has come for me to build my 2nd rifle. This one will be a remington 700 blueprinted 300 win mag with a rock creek medium palma, manners t2, ptg bolt, timney trigger, egw rail, and a vortex pst 6-24x50 MOA in Signature rings. Got it mostly figured out.....the thing i'm wondering has to do with the bolt. My biggest question is what to finish it with. I was wondering if anyone had blued one before? If so, how did that turn out? I'd like it to work as smooth as it can, so I'm not real keen on Dura/Cerakoting it. How is the powder coating PTG uses? What would be a couple other finishes. I'm going for black in color, but I may just stick with stainless look and black in the flutes. What say ye!
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    Two very good options.

    1. KG gun kote is moly based. It's thinner then Cerakote with good wear and good lubricity.

    2. Teflon. Slickest stuff on the planet. Great water repellant. Another step down in wear.

    The teflon can be done in a couple colors. KG has many colors.

    Send me a PM if you want to discuss it.