Need a barrel for my 13yr old daughters sheep hunt

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    Jan 4, 2004
    With a 1 in 172 chance of drawing a sheep tag this kind of caught me off guard. I'm looking for a light conture barrel to upgrade my 13 yr old daughter's rifle for her upcoming sheep hunt. The perfect match would be a premium light conture fluted SS blank in 7mm. She has been hunting with a Rem 700 in 243 and I'm thinking a bump up to 7-08 or 7-08AI would be a good idea. My plan also includes a S/A Ti stock or something similar.
    Things I have for trade are...
    2 Rem VLS S/A stocks.
    A Rem H/S prec. S/A stock.
    A 29" 30cal 1in10 tapered octagon 1.250" round shank to .880" CM Blank made by Badger Barrels.
    A Savage take off unfired in 300 WinM.
    I also have several rem take off barrels all used CM 25-06,7RM,300WinM.

    If none of that fits your needs maybe something else or $$$

    I'm kind of behind the curve on this one.

    Thanks for looking!