Nathan Dodd your AR rocks.

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    Jan 30, 2005
    Nathan and all,
    Nathan I shot about 8 rounds out of your AR you sold me in Oct. I gave the gun to a buddy to do load development last week. A local club held a 100,200,and 300 yard group shoot today. Ed showed up with the gun and handed me it and 100 loaded rounds 75 grain Hornady bthp. I shot for an agg of 2nd place, 1st went to Ed with his rifle, 24 shooters.

    I shot a .895 100 yard, a 1.900" 200 yard with 4 of them into ,885, and a 300 yard group of 1.802. The 300 yard group was winner for smallest at that distance.

    Just thought you might like to now, It won me $70 bucks but I spent half that on buying every-one a round.

    Cheers Brother.