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    Sep 29, 2011
    look at 300 win mag SUPER HAMMERHEAD ( code 235A )... muzzle velocity -> 1035 m/s that's 3395.67 ft/s...
    Isn't this a little too much? maybe I'm wrong :)
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    Oct 15, 2007
    The SAKO website doesn't give a lot of information on the "Super Hammerhead" bullet other than it's a 150 grain relatively short boattail with a large flat lead meplat.
    SAKO CARTRIDGES Sako Super Hammerhead
    That gives more usable chamber volume than a typical spire point or VLD. Quickload says 3395 fps about right for a 26" barrel if they're using a modern powder, VV-N560 or similar.
    With a G1 BC of 0.41 I wouldn't consider it it long range cartridge.
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