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    Aug 23, 2006
    I have a rem model 7 in 7mm saum. Problem is that the extended wyatts magazine boxes can not be used to allow bullets to be seated out to touch beacuse the trigger housing is too close to the magazine well, there is no room to machine anything out of the rear of the magazine slot.

    I have read that I could have the barrel set back one turn and have the chamber re-cut with a pilotless reamer, and then re-throat the barrel with a throating reamer. I could set up some dummy rounds that feed well out of the magazine and provide these to the smith who could then do a conservative job on the throat to allow for throat wear (I could get the action squared up and lugs lapped at the same time). Is this a sensible option? Does this require any 7mm saum calibre-specific tools?

    Also, I'm guessing not but can a model 7 be rechambered to 7mm wsm?

    Cheers in advance
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    You can have done what you'd like, but you'll have to make sure with the smith that the reamer he will use to set the chamber back has a throat shorter than what you would like so it can be individually throated to match your dummy round.
    If you get the action and bolt trued at the same time, most good blueprint jobs single point re-cut the threads to make them true with the centerline of the action. This will make them oversized and fit very sloppy on the original barrel threads, plus you can't say for sure that the original barrel threads or chamber were cut straight with the bore. Your best bet if barrel contour allows would be to cut off the existing threads and move everything forward approx 1". This way you can blueprint the action and have a straight thread and chamber with the correct throat length you'd like.
    Yes, you could also change this to a 7mm WSM but the same thing applies to cutting off the existing threads and moving everything forward approx 1".

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    Jun 14, 2008
    ditto with above, but if it was me i would just start new with a new barrel, and chamber to the caliber you really want, since you are trying to load, to your rifle, you are most likely interested in getting the most accurate load you can, and to be honest, model 7 barrels are not the best out there, plus them being shorter, you are losing some velocity too, so range!, you can buy a better barrel( fluted) and have everything blue ptinted to your needs, and still have a light rifle, heck, I would even opt for a better stock too!, I have several model 7's, and most shoot an inch to 1 &1/2 '''s first 3 shots then start to open up with heat!!, have had a couple re barreled to ( hart barrels)22 inchs, and blue printed , and re stocked,( mcmillian, models sevens, and there ultra lite) now they will hold ( or better if I do my part!)5 shots in about 1/2 inch, calibers, 7mm08, .308, 300 RuM, and a .243, they are my favorite hunting rifles for deer, small light and accurate!,
    and I have never had any feed problems with my loads either! from factory to reloads,
    your above sugestion will be costly, so why not go all the way, and have the best of what you want!