Missouri doe down!

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by sambo3006, Sep 19, 2007.

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    Jul 30, 2004
    I hiked the mile to my stand this morning and climbed up around 0615 AM. At about 0630 just at the start of legal shooting hours, a nice adult doe and her fawn showed up. A small buck walked past my stand at about 20 yds a few minutes later and started feeding with the other two deer. I didn't want to shoot such a small buck but I had evil plans for the doe.

    The doe fed within 50 yds of my stand for at least 30 minutes but offered no shot opportunity. Eventually the deer fed their way farther out into the field and out of sight. I decided to sit for another hour or so to see if any more deer wandered by. About 30 minutes later I heard some cows mooing out in the field over the hill and shortly thereafter the trio of deer from earlier came back over the hill followed by two other deer. I believe the feeding cattle pushed the deer back towards me (for once!). The doe fed near my stand for a few minutes but always seemed to be obscured by tree trunks or branches. Finally she stepped clear at 18 yards. I eased my bow to full draw and steadied the 20 yard sight pin on her chest. She was very slightly quartering towards me and my arrow broke her shoulder as it passed through to the opposite ribs at the shot. She scrambled about 60 yds before going down. She was out in less than 5 seconds. I looked at my watch and it was 0746. Bowhunting will sure teach you to wait patiently for your shot.

    This was a nice mature doe and ought to make for some fine table fare. She was the first deer I have taken since the birth of my son 4 months ago and the twentieth whitetail deer I have taken with a bow. I am very pleased to have taken a nice deer.

    I leave for western CO in 3 weeks for a bull elk hunt. I need to put some more rounds through the tube of the 338RUM and fine tune my drop chart out as far as I can. So many tags, so little time!
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    Jan 20, 2004

    Good goin' on the doe! Nice shot! Broke the shoulder, eh! Must be a RUM bow. (is that a pun or not:rolleyes:)

    I'd be interested in your 338 RUM load and drop chart details.

    Good luck.

    The bulls are bugling w/in several 100 yds of the house.:mad:

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    May 2, 2001
    Congrats. There 's no feeling like a close in deer kill with a bow.