Man I hate this but... 300WM F/S

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    I have other projects in the works... gotta say good bye to this baby of mine...

    Hate to do it but I have other projects in the works.

    Rem 700
    A5 Woodland Camo
    26" Rock 10 twist
    Oversized recoil lug
    Badger Break
    Badger 20 MOA base
    Badger Bottom metal
    2 flush cups 1 bi-pod attachment
    Tefloned Black
    Tactical Bolt Knob

    I have only 256 rounds down the tube.

    I placed 3 in the winter snowflake match shooting this rifle and 220gr SMK's

    I guarantee that this rifle shoots .5 MOA or better at 100 and sub 1 MOA to 1000 yards if you use my load info.

    The Only trades I will consider are
    Rem 700 SA
    HTG or Sub Min Solutions stock.

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    Oct 13, 2005
    What are you asking for the rifle?

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    $2000 shipped....
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    Jan 3, 2004
    Shouldn't last long!