Looking for a TRADE...300WM for?????

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    Feb 6, 2011
    A while back I got into a nice stash of USN SEAL 300 WIN MAG ammo...I shot a match in Ga, made friends with my line buddies, a couple of SEALS from Norfolk Va. When the match was over they handed me a crap load of ammo...White Box 300WM Match USN SEAL issue. I recently sold all the new unfired ammo I had...I currently have the below listed hand loads...

    I cannot shoot 300WM due to two very bad shoulders...I know it is illegal to SELL reloads...however I am looking for a STRAIGHT UP TRADE on all of the ammo and brass listed below along with a nice 3 die set of 300WM reloading dies...

    Trades I am looking for... listed in order of preference...

    New FGMM 168gr or 175gr
    New .308 brass
    Once fired Black Hills .308 brass
    5.56mm ammo
    5.56mm brass
    Quality AR15 Mags
    AR15 parts

    65 rounds of 190gr Sierra Game Kings loaded onto once fired USN SEAL MATCH FC/93 head stamp brass, load data escapes me but I duplicated the load a SEAL SNIPER gave me, it was IMR4350 powder grains unknown, stout load but not extreme. shot to the same point of impact as the new match ammo but not quite as tight as the BTHP ammo...still sub moa.

    20 rounds of the identical load as above except on once fired WCC/94 head stamp brass.

    20 rounds of Sierra 168gr BTHP on once fired Frontier head stamp brass, this was my best accuracy load, actually better than the SEAL ammo, it ran .37" at 100yds. It is also the hottest load I have ever shot. It is a near max load of 72gr IMR 4350, clocked at 3210fps, IMR shows max load is 72.5gr so still under max.

    8 rounds of WW Super brass with Sierra 168gr BTHP loaded to 65.6gr of IMR 4350 mild, very accurate load as I remember

    5 rounds of PMC 190gr Sierra Game Kings loaded to the SEAL loading above.

    Total of 118 rounds loaded 300WM

    15 fired cases of once fired FC/93 head stamp

    71 fired cases of once fired WW Super head stamp

    Total of 86 rounds of once fired cases

    AND a 3 dies set of 300WM dies.

    Looking for the best deal I can get...
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    Sep 3, 2011
    Would you sell 40 rnds of the 190gr Sierra Game Kings ? OR the whole lot