Let's see a list of "What's In Your Backpack"

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  1. Len Backus

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    May 2, 2001
    I have been refining my own list of backpacking stuff lately and I'll be posting a full list later this winter.

    But let's see your own list now.
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  2. ssssnake529

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    Sep 10, 2015
    This is my list for Elk/Deer hunting in the Colorado and Utah mountains.

    I backpack hunt. Solo. Drive deep into the mountains in my Land Cruiser, then hike back into places that are not close to ATV trails or roads. Typically hunt at least 3 miles from the nearest motor-accessible road; 5+ miles if possible. I sleep where I hunt, and generally don't return to the truck until I'm done. Out 5+ days at a time. Hunt rifle season and late rifle season, so weather can be cold and snowy.

    Julbo Venturi sunglasses with Zebra light lenses
    Merino boxer briefs x2
    Pants: Firstlite Kanab (warm weather), or Sitka Timberline pants (cold weather).
    Midweight base layer long john bottoms (MEC grid fleece)
    Orange Icebreaker merino wool t-shirt (warm weather) or orange Patagonia Merino Air hoodie base layer(cold weather)
    Orange Patagonia Nano Air light hoodie
    Orange Outdoor Research Perch insulated jacket
    Orange Patagonia M10 Anorak
    Marmot Precip size zip rain pants
    Orange Cashmere Watch Hat (Golightly Cashmere)
    Orange Buff
    Orange Cap (LL Bean Technical Upland Cap)
    Patagonia Expedition wool socks x2
    Dachstein fingerless wool mittens with fold-over cap
    Arcteryx Alpha SV gloves
    Danner Marine RAT GTEX boots with Sole Viesturs insoles.
    Mammut mid height gaiters (if snow is anticipated)
    Mountain Hardwear "Compressor" insulated zip-off pants (if bitter cold is anticipated.)

    Shelter and Sleeping Gear
    Six Moons Designs Gatewood Cape tarp/poncho with tent stakes
    Plastic groundsheet (also used for meat processing)
    X-Therm inflatable pad
    Klymit Cush inflatable pillow (also used for rear bag for shooting)
    Marmot Helium (15 degree) sleeping bag with water-resistant shell fabric

    Cooking and Water
    MSR Reactor stove with 1 liter pot and small gas canister
    MSR 2.5 liter Hydromedary water bag
    Chlorine Dioxide Water purification tablets
    Sawyer squeeze water filter
    Sea to Summit anodized aluminum spoon with long handle
    Titanium cup
    Gallon ziplock freezer bag for trash.
    Critter proof food bag (Ursack Minor)

    Backpack and Trekking Poles
    Leki Speedlock Carbon Ti trekking poles with photo adapter
    McHale Super INEX Pack modified for hunting
    Kifaru Gunbearer

    Personal Gear
    Paracord survival bracelet
    3 Lighters
    Hinderer XM-24 folding knife
    SOG knife sharpener
    Petzl Zipka Plus 2 headlamp with red L.E.D.
    Diaper wipes (or toilet paper for cold weather)
    Hand sanitizer
    First Aid Kit
    Sun screen

    Camera and Electronics
    Ricoh GR Camera
    Suunto Ambit 2 Watch
    Delorme InReach
    Android phone (Galaxy S7 Edge) with Backcountry Navigator GPS app, and Strelok Pro ballistics app
    Spare battery for phone + USB cord

    Shooting Gear
    R Bros Rifle, Kahles 624i scope, Neopod bipod, cheek pad with storage pocket, and Slogan sling.
    Soundgear earplugs
    Traditions muzzle protector gun condom
    Impact Data Books wrist dope card and space pen
    Field notebook
    Ammunition carrier and 7 rounds of ammunition
    Leica HD-B 2200 Binoculars (range finding, with ballistics program)
    Kestrel 4500
    Lens wipes
    Gun lubricant
    Bore Snake
    TAG Game bags
    2 trash compactor bags
    Latex gloves
    Hunting Tags

    Dutch waffles
    Hot cider mixes
    Maple Almond Butter
    Bridgeford French Toast sandwiches
    Mountain House Freeze Dried dinners
    Heather’s choice packeroons
    Costco chocolate coconut almonds

    In the Car
    Cooler and ice
    5 gallon water jug
    Extra socks
    Crocs shoes
    Extra gloves
    Phone charger
    Extra battery for phone

    Truck Tools and Recovery
    Bushranger jack
    Recovery bag with winch, straps, and hardware
    Tool bag with tools
    ARB Air compressor
    Axe and saw
    Tire chains
    Black Diamond backcountry snow shovel
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  3. Len Backus

    Len Backus Administrator Staff Member

    May 2, 2001
    Fabulous list, thanks.
  4. 300 Driver

    300 Driver Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2015
    Any idea what your pack weighs? I've got a 10-day fly-in moose hunt in AK this fall and have a 90lbs limit.

    Hunted elk in CO before, but used mules, so weight was not a huge issue.

    Awesome detailed list. Thank you.
  5. ssssnake529

    ssssnake529 Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2015
    Weight is between 35-40 pounds, including food and water, and the warm clothing, but not including the rifle.
  6. Nobama

    Nobama Active Member

    Oct 15, 2015
    Great list!.. Surprised at the low weight...
  7. ssssnake529

    ssssnake529 Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2015
    Lots of items on the list, but it's pretty light weight, particularly the camping items.

    The "tent" is 12 ounces; the sleeping bag is 2 pounds; the stove is a pound; the sleeping pad is a pound. The clothing is light weight mountaineering type clothing. At one point, I had a spreadsheet with the weights of just about everything on it, but I haven't updated it in a while. If I can find and update it, I can post the weights of everything on the list.

    The camping gear is taken from my ultralight backpacking list (other than the stove; I use a heavier butane/propane stove for hunting instead of my normal wood/alcohol burning ultralight backpacking stove because I don't like making wood smoke when I'm hunting.)

    The only heavy stuff on the list is the food, water, and the hunting specific stuff, and even there, I've tried to lighten the load as much as possible.

    Pretty much every item on the list, I have agonized over a lot, trying to figure out if there is a lighter option; and trying to figure out if I really need it.

    This load is actually really heavy compared with my non-hunting backpacking trips, where I'm typically carrying less than 20 pounds.

    I was comparing this list to my backpacking list, and I realized I had left off a toothbrush and toothpaste. I do take both on hunting trips. I use a sample size tube of Tom's toothpaste. (I use Tom's because it's mild enough that I don't have to use any water to rinse my mouth when I brush, so this conserves water.)
  8. 300 Driver

    300 Driver Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2015
    Snake, thanks for taking the time to put up your list. Helped me see a couple holes in my list!

    Len, thanks for starting this thread. I'd never even thought of getting info here on LRH for my packing list.

    So here's my list:(83lbs as is, the daily packed amount will be under 20)

    NEED sunglasses
    BCG poly boxer briefs x4
    Pants: KUIU Attack pants x2
    North Face midweight base layer long john bottoms
    KUIU PELOTON 140 t-shirt
    KUIU Merino 240 hoodie base layer
    KUIU Kenai insulated hooded jacket
    KUIU Kenai insulated zip pants
    KUIU Yukon rain pants
    KUIU Yukon rain jacket
    KUIU guide Watch Hat
    Lightweight liner wool socks x4
    Chota hippies (still testing the comfort of this with listed boots and light wool liner...so far so good)(this cover gaiters and hip waders, in a 11oz package)
    KUIU Guide gloves
    Leather work gloves
    Shoulder length latex skinning gloves
    Crispi Guide GTX GTEX boots

    Shelter and sleeping gear
    Cabelas Alaskan II 8-man with tent stakes (this is split between the three of us for 15 lbs each)
    Thermocell inflatable pad
    Polyfill pillow (also used for rear bag for shooting)
    Browning Kenai (0 degree) sleeping bag with water-resistant shell fabric
    Semi-Lightweight cot(8lbs)

    Cooking and water
    Optimus Crux lite stove with pot and cup and small gas canister
    Aquamira small water bag
    Chlorine Dioxide Water purification tablets
    Aquamira inline water filter
    aluminum spoon with long handle
    Gallon ziplock freezer bag for trash.

    Backpack and trekking poles
    Redhead hunting pack with gun scabbard(daypack)
    Cabelas Alaskan II metal frame with shelf pack
    NEED trekking poles with photo adapter

    Personal gear
    Paracord, red 100ft
    3 Lighters
    Gerber leatherman tool
    Buck fixed blade knife
    Diamond knife sharpener
    Petzl headlamp with red L.E.D.
    Diaper wipes (or toilet paper for cold weather)
    Hand sanitizer
    First Aid Kit
    Sun screen

    Camera and electronics
    GoPro Hero
    Garmin etrex GPS
    IPhone with Bullet Drop plus ballistics app
    Goal Zero solar charger with crank and light + USB cord

    Shooting gear
    TC Venture 338 Win Rifle, Vortex Viper LR 4-16 scope, cheek pad with storage pocket, and sling.
    Foam earplugs
    Small roll electric tape
    Space pen
    Field notebook
    Ammunition carrier and 25 rounds of ammunition
    Vortex Talon HD 8x32 Binoculars
    Vortex RAZOR HD 11-33 spotting scope
    Lightweight camera tripod
    Lens pen
    Gun lubricant
    Bore Snake
    Game bags
    Latex gloves
    Hunting Tags

    Hot cider mixes
    Hot chocolate mixes
    Mountain House Freeze Dried dinners

    Please feel free to comment on any of this. Just bought all the KUIU after a good friends recommendation. Man that stuff is awesome compared to my whitetail gear! I can't wait to get to chase moose in AK!:D
  9. mrmolar119

    mrmolar119 New Member

    Mar 12, 2016
    I noticed everyone is forgetting the three most important items...toothpaste, toothbrush and floss.
  10. Len Backus

    Len Backus Administrator Staff Member

    May 2, 2001
    Funny. :)
  11. horsefor4

    horsefor4 Well-Known Member

    Jul 7, 2008
    One thing I have learned is to vac seal my clothing in groups that you wear them in plus it keeps them dry.
  12. ssssnake529

    ssssnake529 Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2015
    Some comments on your list:

    Get sunglasses with photochromatic lenses that darken and lighten. They're good for all day long. Julbo's Zebra light lenses are my favorites because they change quite quickly and in low light, they aren't dark at all. The lens material provides excellent eye protection as well.

    It looks like you are doing a base camp/spike camp approach rather than a "move your camp every day approach." Your gear seems appropriate for that, and you've got more room for comfort items using that strategy.

    Merino boxer briefs stink less than poly.

    Sierra Trading Post is a great place to get trekking poles at steep discounts.

    I used to carry a Garmin GPS. My smartphone makes a great GPS, and the screen is better than any GPS I've seen. Add a GPS/Map app to your phone and you could leave the GPS behind.

  13. ssssnake529

    ssssnake529 Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2015
    Funny you should say this. I picked up a cool backpacking toothbrush today at the Outdoor Retailer show.

    This one:

    Liberty Mountain - Product Details - TOOB TOOTHBRUSH -

    It has an integrated cover, re-fillable toothpaste tube, and replaceable bristles.

  14. mcseal2

    mcseal2 Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2009
    This is my moose list for a 2018 10 day drop camp hunt. It's still a work in progress, I copied it from my Excel program so I'm not sure how the list will look. The number to the side of each item is the weight in ounces rounded up to the nearest ounce. Some I don't have weighed yet, and some that have 2 weights are camp items where we will split the total weight between 2 of us. We have a 100lb weight limit/person. Our tent, cot, cookstove and cookset, and boat are included in the hunt and don't count toward our weight limit. Hope it helps.

    Gear Weight (oz)
    Rifles Inc 300 win w/ Swaro Z5 3.5-18x sling loaded 121
    40 rds 300 win mag 49
    scope caps for rain 2
    Primos standing height shooting sticks
    Otis 30 cal cleaning kit 5
    Electrical tape (rifle muzzles)
    Leica 10x42 Geovid HD-B 36
    Kuiu bino harness/case 9
    Hard rifle case (one for both Dean and my gun)
    Cot included in camp weight
    Kifaru Slickbag +20 wide 35
    HCG Mountain Serape (insulating layer and sleeping bag addition) 40
    Thermarest Z lite pad 14
    Campmor 8x10 Ultralight backpacking tarp 13 SEAM SEAL BEFORE TRIP

    Simms G3 Guide boot size 12 (62oz wear in)
    Simms G3 guide pant (wader stockingfoot waist high) 40
    Sitka waterfowl Goretex cap (2oz wear in)
    Helly Hensen Impertech rain jacket long (waders are rain bottom) 32
    Sitka Kelvin insulated jacket (puffy) 32
    Kryptek Dalibor II jacket (30oz wear in)
    Kuiu glassing mittons 5
    Kuiu Yukon gloves 4
    Sitka Gradient waterfowl glove 2
    Kryptec Dalibor II pants 26
    Kryptec Merino bottom (2x) 8 oz each 16
    Sitka Ascent pants plain color (wear in)
    Sitka Core base layer bottoms (2x) 8oz each 16
    Good merino wool boxers (9)
    socks x 9 (Lorpen wool 2.5oz each) 23
    Core 4 Element 1/4 zip base layer 3x (wear one in) top 15oz x2 30
    Sitka core glove 2
    light camo baclava 2
    suspenders for Simms pants
    Kuiu Kenai zip-off insulated pants 9
    mosquito face net 1
    Core 4 Element Talus belt (wear in)
    Russel fleece base layer pants x2 (sleep in one, wear other under waders) 26
    LL Bean rubber bottom moccasin Camp shoes 43

    Repel 1fl oz bottle 100% Deet (x2) 4

    Eberlestock J type dry bag 13
    Eberlestock Transformer, mainframe 133 F1 69oz F2 64oz Scabbard (if I take it) 21oz
    Leki micro vario carbon trekking poles 16
    Eberlestock rain cover 5

    game bags
    Pathfinder nesting bottle, cup, stove, lid, and hanger plus spork and bandana 18
    Daypack survival kit 23
    medical kit 16 include leukotape

    Solar panel, I phone re-charger battery. Check technogy in 2018

    copy of rules and regs
    hunting license
    moose and bear tags
    I phone w/ OnX maps for area we will be hunting 6

    small solar yard light (put at water to mark camp landing)
    Yellow Ivation solar lantern/flashlight 5
    lithium AA batteries

    MMR-X flashlight w/ 2 spare 18650 batteries 9
    Headlamps Mammut S-Lite single AA (x2) 3oz total 3
    Fujifilm Digital AA camera w/ lithium batteries and camo case 9

    Gerber axe & Boreal 21 folding bowsaw 55
    Leatherman Wave 8
    Old Timer 250T folding hunter 7
    Battle horse Pathfinder Scout & firesteel in all leather sheath 15
    Spyderco sharpmaker & ceramic steel 17
    Rapala 4" fillet knife 3

    Military poncho 11
    Grabber space blanket 11 keep in daypack
    Road flare (emergency fire, keep in boat)

    Tuffcloth container (protect metal blades etc.) re-fill with fluid before trip 2 better than oil
    squirt bottle of isopropyl alchohol (wader repair) 4
    Simms Goretex wader repair kit (Bass Pro)

    Repair kit (gorilla tape, superglue, repair needles, safety pins) 5
    Bankline 4 rolls 262lb test (Dean takes 2 I take 2) (4oz each)
    Paracord 100ft (Dean takes 1 I take 1) (8oz each) 16
    Walmart tarp 5x7 (x2) (door mat and put meat on) 9oz each 36 36
    Sea to Summit 10L collapsible bucket 3 carry water to camp, pre-filter through sleeve into Katadyn to preserve filter
    camp soap (Coglans, two 2oz bottles) 6
    Sawyer mini water filter w/ 64oz bag 5
    Katadyn 10L Base camp water filter w/ spare filter 19
    7x16 100 micron filter sleeve to pre-filter water 4
    Kelty Noahs tarp 16 68 68 shelter over cooking area, place to get out of rain
    Tent stakes for Kelty Noahs tarp 16' (14 9" ABS stakes) (1oz each) 14
    Hennesey rain fly cover tent with tarp staked out like Rod's crew did in Canada
    solar shower
    50 gallon drum liner trash bags (8)

    Mountain house meals 10 days = 30 meals x 5.6oz each (168oz) 168
    Beef bullion cubes (warm drink) 1 per 8oz cup

    Predator calls in case we get moose quick 6
    Fishing gear?

    Carmex 2
    Deoderant 5
    Toothpaste/brush 3
    Razor w/ new blade 2
    wet wipes
    shop towel rolls (toilet paper) 3 rolls
    watch (wear in)

    Moose in heat urine spray
    citric acid

    Total weight ounces 1404 338
    Total weight pounds 87.75

    Actual total weight w/ half of camp gear so far 77.1875lbs