Left handed Savage 110 LA Action 300winmag

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    Jan 4, 2006

    Well, need to sell or part out his savage. Its been a great rifle, I just need to fund another project and this one will have to go.

    Right now I will either sell the barreled action for $450 or the Action alone for $375

    Its a left handed 110 that was a accutrigger model. Its a long action thats currently chambered for a 300 win mag, action itself was a blued version

    It has a factory SS 24" 300 win mag barrel, SSS recoil lug, SSS trigger, tactical bolt knob, stockage bolt conversion, farrel 0 moa base with steel rings.

    I will shoot sub moa and groups to 300 very well, I've been shooting 71 grains of IMR4350 over barnes 165, and WLR primers. Shot this load well, did not really do much load developement, could/should do better.

    The whole thing has been duracoated, but it's showing some signs of wear, here in AK we typically tape muzzles so there is some paint missing at muzzle. Its a bit of a ugly duckling but all the guts are good components and in excellent shape.

    First I'll take it gets it, I'll take a money order or paypal. Please feel free to email with questions.

    Sorry-Scope or stock not included


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