lapua or edge on remington action???????

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  1. oldfamily

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    Sep 26, 2005
    I have been thinking on collecting the parts for a 338 caliber build. Would the edge based off the ultra mag case be better to work off of than the lapua with the bolt face opened up to allow the brass to fit? Single shot heavy gun, is what I am thinking. Don't really care how heavy just want a 300 smk hitting what I am aiming at. Realistic range would be 800 yards or less around this area. Have not really figured out what stock that I would want for the project, just that it would be set up for single shot. Thanks oldfamily.
  2. Wild_Bill

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    Sep 15, 2005
    What action

    Hi what action do you have if it is stainless the only option is the Edge however I don't like Lapua sized cases on a Rem action not that it is unsafe just maximum for the action the Edge was designed specifically for the Remington action as the largest cartridge designed for a margin of safety so my personal decision is use the Ultramag case.

    Cheers Bill