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    I'm helping with a project for a guy who shoots his RH rem 700 cross eye dominate.*

    I'm looking for wood stock preferably laminate that is right handed LA sporter without a cheek piece.

    His old wood stock has been ground down to allow him better eye alignment, so I'm trying to find a stock that if all else fails we can duplicate his old setup. Otherwise I would use a Bell and Carlson/ HS which both fit the bill.

    The closest match I found so far is a left-handed laminate inleted for a right-handed Remington 700. This puts the cheek piece on the left hand side out of his way.

    I'm still hoping to find a RH laminate stock without a cheek piece so I can cleanly add an adjustable cheek piece kit with some built in castoff if necessary.

    I have a set Harrells Precision Offset Rings which may or may not withstand the recoil of a 210 vld @ 3000fps... I'll know shortly:)

    Also this guy grew up on his ranch with a gun in his cross dominate hands daily, (for the last 40 years) so there no changing his style... Just improving on his equipment.*
    *Thanks Steve*
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  2. Dr. Vette

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    A couple of the Bobby Hart and Long Range laminate stocks sold through Stockys would work as they have no cheek pad on the left, or else you could buy their "Classic" stock and remove the cheek pad on the left hand side. A disc sander would get rid of most of it relatively quickly.

    Of course if you're going to do that I'd buy a Classic from Boyds as it's cheaper and you're then going to have to refinish it anyway. Add the buttpad of your choosing and go from there.

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    I have a friend that shoots the same way and I have built him 4 rifles and found that the Classic
    designed stock have no cheek piece and little if no cast. (The 40x range master is an example)
    of this style.

    Accurate innovations build this type of stock. also also Joel Russo can make him a great stock for his style of shooting.

    And finally Remington makes/made a classic style laminate stock that works very well (No cheek
    piece and no cast).

    Hope this helps


    These stocks work well for this type/style of shooting
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    +1 for accurate innovations.