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Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by Chopaka81, Oct 19, 2008.

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    Oct 9, 2007
    This year I went to the field much better prepared than years before (34 to be exact). Thru this forum I took an honest look at the "Kentucky Windage" (and hold overs) that has been long been advocated by me and my family. Based upon the recommendations’ made here I picked up a pocket PC and a copy of Exbal. Then I picked up a Nikon 1200 yd Range finder. This investment paid off very well. It was pretty amazing how yardages actually measured in the field versus the "eyeball" method.

    The one thing that paid off the most were the lesson's learned from Shawn Carolock's Long Range Hunting Instructional DVD Video. It convinced me to add science to the process of developing a shooting solution in the field.

    This year I found myself in the following senero:

    Rifle: Tika T-3 Lite - 270 Win - Seirra 130gr SBT - 2940fps - dead calm conditions - 25 deg up hill grade - 385 yds. A very do-able senero.

    The result was a dead center double lung - bang flop, resulting in the buck cart-wheeling down the very steep hill side he was no longer standing on. gun)

    Things that will be added for next year, acquire a Kestrel, upgrade the present scope (looking idea's on rings). Acquire a new bi-pod - the Harris unit failed in the field (one of the legs pulled out of it's pivot point). I believe I heard something about Harris having a lifetime warrenty.

    I am thinking about switching to my old trusty 300 Wby Mag, it is built on M700 and has a 27.5" Douglas bbl on it. I am still thinking about it, I love that 270 for mule deer hunting, it is hard to put it down. I am still thinking about it, I also have a 7mm Rem Mag that I have made a couple 500 yd shots with it, but these days I am inclined to make a point with the ol' 270. Many are saying use a big magnum - dump the pee shooter. I pointed out to one family member that my 6mm Rem would have handled this year's senero just fine. That spirited a fun family debate with my youngest brother (he shoots a 7mm STW AI).

    Enough rambling for the time being - thanks for the great forum and the bandwidth. ;)
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    I love hearing of the instructional successes! gun)