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Is 50 The New 40? - Long Range Turkey Hunting

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    Mar 6, 2008
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    50 is at least the new 40; really, 50 is the new 30. New shells from Federal, Nitro Ammo and Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) all make a 50 yard shot a chip shot IF you've done your homework and range work. The article referenced a bona fide 70 yard turkey gun. I've seen a target at 90 yards that had 100 hits inside the magic 10" circle. Set up properly, with optics, using TSS (a hand-load only at this time), one could set a shotgun up to consistently kill turkeys at 100 yards. I am doing just that. It isn't cheap and I don't think one can attain consistent 100 yard kills on turkeys with stock guns and chokes. But, if you're willing to build a purpose-built shotgun, just like building a long-range rifle, you can kill turkeys at 100 yards.