Hunting season is on the door

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    Jan 30, 2008
    Hi Guys,
    in some European state, hunting season begins in spring, not so in Italy. Here in my country, the first hunting day is 03 September. The first day is even special for me, we are waiting from much time for this great day!!
    Every year I move to my hunting place the day before hunt start because this night I can't sleep... I'm to nervous!!! This personal tradition will be also this year: I'll move in the first aftrenoon to the hunting zone, prepare a good place for the night (I love sleeping in the nature, without camping-tend) and take a look of the last game-movements of the afternoon. Then prepare something to eat, drink a bit good vine, smoke a cigarette and think about our big passion: hunting and living outdoor.
    The day after, in the morning, when season start, I'm ready and in position....gun)
    This year I hunt from a new position where I can see all the valley but I need to shot at longer distance: from 200 to 400 ys. I know, for some of you, this looks like short distance... for me and my good Rem 700 30'06 cal is a long distance, probably our limit...
    I can't wait this day!!!

    What about your first hunting season day???


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    Jun 20, 2007 in Colorado USA the goofy stickthrowers get to hunt elk in August. Seems too early and hot, but then I was a stickthrower too for two yrs.

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    May 5, 2007
    I have been hunting for 40+ years and opening day is much the same routine. It is rare that I can sleep much the night before. I go over most of the details regarding what to take with me the next morning and even down to the exact spot that I will expect to see game come out and what time.

    There are many people in the forest and I have counted most of the shots on opening morning for years. My hearing is going now so I hear less shots than I used to. I thought for a while that less people and game were present until a younger hunter in the group claimed to hear a lot more shots than I. It was good to know!!

    I hunt deer and duck mostly and each opening day is special. Some with my grown boys and some with life long freinds. The duck hunting also includes many hunts with the the various dogs I have owned.

    Each opening morning is special and a time to be thankful for the opportunity and goodness of God to allow me to see another season. There is also a reflection of thanks for those with the forethought to help preserve this for us.

    For most people the new year starts in January, but for me the new year starts with the opening day of hunting season. May each of you enjoy a great year of hunting!!!!