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  1. Bigiron300RUM

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    Feb 24, 2006
    Boy they are brutal to long range hunters on that web site. All the 200yd max anything over 270 is overkill guys. Now I'm not that good yet 500 yards its dead though. But I just cant understand why they cant open there eyes and see that 1000 yard one shot kills are possible. they start dragging out the ethics book and it just pi$$es me off. I will not be visiting that site any longer if I cant find it here I dont need to know it. love this web site and the knowledge you can pick up here still saving for the gun I want kirby to build me I was thinking the 300rum but leaning towards the 6.5/300wsm now. I just cant beileve how they treated that guy for shooting deer at 1000 yards maybe there just mad cause hes got nicer iron and can pull shots off that they cant with the 06 and the 180 core-locs
  2. nsb

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    Oct 29, 2006
    Well, let's be honest: it would be REAL easy for some dimwit who didn't have a full understanding of all the factors at play trying to hold over an 800 yard deer with his 30-06 that he shoots twice a year trying to hit something because he read about someone doing it at 1000 yards on the internet. Long range hunting isn't for everybody, and the farther out it gets, the odds of getting a bad hit increase. If a person doesn't have the equipment and knowledge, then they're going to view anything past a couple hundred yards a "lucky shot". And if you explain the equipment and knowledge, then they'll think you're an arrogant condescending prick with more money than sense (spending more than $150 on a scope ya know), and they still won't like you. You've got to figure that stuff like this will always piss off a certain segment of people.

    Bottom line, they think that all the long range guys are out there blowing legs off and stuff. Sad fact is that a lot of them have probably seen one of their buddies try a dumb shot or two with bad results, and that's what's formed their opinions. Oh well, what do you do. Personally, I think the long range talk should stick to a place like this that encourages proper education and application rather than a general hunting site that's going to consider it arrogance or encourage some doofus to start lobbing his lever action 30-30 at anything within 3/4's of a mile. So, I can kinda understand where they're coming from.

    FWIW, I'm smart enough to know I'm not experienced enough to get too crazy, so for my first official LRH-enabled outing this weekend, I'm giving myself a 450 (maybe 500 if the conditions are perfect) limit.