Hunting in East Texas w/ Dad and Brother

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    Jun 16, 2011
    In the first week of March my Dad, brother and I went on a hog hunt in East Texas. Weather was nice not to hot and the rain from Feb. had made everything lush green in color a nice change from Wyoming at that time of year. The night hunts were mostly uneventful could see lots of wildlife but sadly no hogs and next morning not much better. After lunch on day two when the fun started five man teams on a walk around i spotted a 160lbs pig about 60-65 yards away at a slight trot waited till she stopped and pop down she went. I used a DPMS LR-308 AP4 with a Hornady 165gr SST at 2650 fps. Only regret would be i should have shot it in the head as that bullet at that range vaporized the left shoulder which means one less meal in the crock pot lol.My older brother took the record for the week with a 222lbs hog with a 7mm Mag. and my Father also scored a 160lbs hog with a 444 marlin at around 75 yards. All in all was a great time as i don't get to see my brother often he lives 1000 miles away in CA.:cool:[​IMG]

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