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    I'll try to make this short :)
    I built my first long range rifle when I was 16 yrs. old working at Krogers packing bags back in Ohio. I bought a Mark X mauser action ( new ) for $59.00 and a McGowen bbl. straight bull 28 inches long in 25-06 before it was a factory cartridge ( in 1970 ) and made my own stock out of a chunk of walnut in woodshop. My Mom had to sign for the action and go with me to Veith's shooters supply to pick powder and primers cause I wasn't 18 yet. I put a 24X Unertl target scope on it I got from Esmans in Pa. We would travel to southern Ohio to go groundhog hunting. The farthest I killed a groundhog was 550 paced off yards with 87gr. Sierra hpbt using Kentucky windage.
    I was reading a lot about 1000 yard benchrest shooting in Pa. and articles from Harry Drummond about long range varmint hunting. He was building rifles in 7m/m-300 Wby and .30-378 Wby and killing groundhogs past 1000 yds. I knew that is what I wanted to try and do. I bought a Rem. 700 in 7m/m mag on sale at K mart and that was the beginning. I ordered a Hart 28 inch stainless bull bbl. and took it to Pete at Cleveland Custom Gun and had him chamber for 7m/m-300 Wby and install on my Rem. 700 action. I got another piece of walnut for the stock and another Unertl scope and started working up loads with 162 Sierra hpbt. Didn't get to kill that 1000 yard groundhog cause I got married and guns went on hold for a while ( some of you know how that goes ).
    I picked up a TC Contender to use for squirrel hunting and did some Handgun Metallic Silhouette shooting. That is where I met JD Jones of SSK industries and bought one of his .338 CJMK barrels ( 35 rem. necked to .338 ). Shot silhouettes for a couple yrs. Some years go by.
    I decided to have the CJMK rechambered to .338 JDJ#2 which is the .444 Marlin case necked to .338 and can shoot a 180gr. NBT at 2500fps. I put a 3x to 12x burris on it. With a little load work I got that to put the first 2 bullets touching at 200 yds. out of a 15 inch bbl.
    I hunted antelope in Gillette Wy. with it and the first year harvested one at 215 yds and the next year harvested one at 429 yds.
    Two years later I shot a mule deer in Montana at 185 yds.
    About 6 yrs ago i bought a Rem. 700 stainless fluted .338 RUM and started working up some loads. The only load I have so far is a 180gr. NBT at 3300fps.
    Then moved here to Az and was working a lot. Now I'm laid off and found this site and now the fire is burning again. I drew a mule deer tag for unit 22 and have some scouting to do to hopefully find a big old wise one. If anybody has any info on that area let me know. Thanks in advance.
    Hope your ears don't hurt from my long post, but it brought back some good memories.
    Lots of knowledge and experience on this site, keep adding all the good info guys.
    Now you know me.
    Hopefully over the winter I'm going to put a long Hart stainless barrel on my .338 RUM. :D
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting Tarey.

    Good luck with your upcoming deer hunt.

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    Welcom Tarey. I don't think you'll have to worry about long posts around here. We can't get enough of gun talk:).